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We have compiled a list of interviews of foreign residents published in “United We Stand Fukushima” (GYRO magazine’s disaster recovery issue) and in “Fukushima NOW”.
※People’s places of residence indicated in this list was recorded at the time of the interview.

No. Name Link
102 Sylvia Gallagher(From Wellington, New Zealand/ Currently living in Iwaki) FukushimaNOW Vol.12
101 Hee Sook Yang(From Seoul, Korea/ Currently living in Fukushima City) FukushimaNOW Vol.11
100 Steve Terada(From Honolulu, Hawaii/ Currently living in Fukushima City/Interview date: May 28th 2019) FukushimaNOW Vol.10
99 Simon Essler(From Germany, Living in Fukushima City/Interviewed December,2019) FukushimaNOW Vol.9
98 Liliana Takahashi(From Mexico, Living in Soma City/Interviewed November,2018) FukushimaNOW Vol.8
97 Naomi Oya(living in Fukushima City, From Canada/Interviewed May,2018) FukushimaNOW Vol.7
96 Francis Amimo Okoti(living in Nihonmatsu City, From Kenya/Interviewed November,2017) Interview page
95 Yapaka Tiranun(From Thailand, Living in Fukushima City/Interviewed February,2018) Interview page
94 Jennifer Bishop(living in Date City, From America/Interviewed November,2017) Interview page
93 Pham Van Thanh(living in Aizu-Wakamatsu City, From Vietnam/Interviewed November,2017) Interview page
92 Christina Iwasawa(From the Philippines, living in Shirakawa/Interviewed August,2017) Interview page
91 Sonia Naomi Arai(From Brazil, Living in Aizu-Wakamatsu/Interviewed August,2017) Interview page
90 Mercedez Clewis(Fukushima City Resident, from America/Interviewed February,2017) Interview page
89 Josefina Kudo(Koriyama City Resident, from the Philippines/Interviewed February,2017) Interview page
88 Ben Sreynich(Fukushima City Resident, from Cambodia/Interviewed November,2016) Interview page
87 Zoe Vincent(Fukushima City Resident, from U.K./Interviewed November,2016) Interview page
86 Pahmi Ismail(Fukushima City Resident, from Indonesia/Interviewed August,2016) Interview page
85 Tatsuhou Sai(Fukushima City Resident, from China/Interviewed August,2016) Interview page
84 Kathryn Goto(Osaka Resident, Fukushima Resident at time of Disaster. From the Philippines/Interviewed February,2016) Interview page
83 Reiko Tetsuka(Fukushima Resident. From China/Interviewed February,2016) Interview page
82 Alison Lam(Fukushima City, from Australia/Interviewed November,2015) Interview page
81 Mudathir Bakhit(Fukushima City, From Sudan/Interviewed November,2015) Interview page
80 Li Liyan(Koriyama city, from China/Interviewed November,2015) Interview page
79 Reika Goto(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed June,2015) Interview page
78 Faisal Budi Armansyah(Fukushima city, from Indonesia/Interviewed in June,2015) Interview page
77 Maricel Sasaki(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed June,2015) Interview page
76 Mirasol Suzuki(Iwaki city, from the Philippines/Interviewed February,2015) Interview page
75 Ketsu Go(Fukushima city, from inner Mongolia, China/Interviewed February,2015) Interview page
74 Binita Thapa(Fukushima city, from Nepal/Interviewed February,2015) Interview page
73 Karuka Nancy Sachi(Aizu-wakamatsu city, from Brazil/Interviewed November,2014) Interview page
72 Sainbuyan Odbayar(Fukushima city, from Mongolia/Interviewed November,2014) Interview page
71 Chan Sawakami(Koriyama city, from Vietnam/Interviewed November,2014) Interview page
70 Baz Muhammad(Fukushima city, from Pakistan/Interviewed October,2014) Interview page
69 Emma Wilson(Kawamata town, from Britain/Interviewed October,2014) Interview page
68 William Patrick Timms(Yamatsuri town, from Britain/Interviewed October,2014) Interview page
67 Williamkston Racreit(Fukushima city, from Thailand/Interviewed May,2014) Interview page
66 Maria Mitani(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed May,2014) Interview page
65 Won Chang Sob(Fukushima city, from Korea/Interviewed May,2014) Interview page
64 Corazin Razon Noriko(Fukushima, from the Philippines/Interviewed May,2014) Interview page
63 Rei Washio(Koriyama city, lived in Kawauchi village before March 11th earthquake, from China/Interviewd March,2014) Interview page
62 Bat-erdene Lkham-Yanjin(Fukushima city,from Mongolia/Interviewed February,2014) Interview page
61 Jaliet Tanno(Iwaki city, from the Philippines/Interviewed March,2014) Interview page
60 Panida Terada(Koriyama city, from Thailand/Interviewed November,2013) Interview page
59 Rin Ookura(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed December,2013) Interview page
58 Min Shinyan(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed December,2013) Interview page
57 Keiko Kono(Born in China, living in Fukushima city/Interviewed August,2013) Interview page
56 Naoki Honda(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed August,2013) Interview page
55 Lui Fang(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed July,2013) Interview page
54 Rei Shiga(Koriyama city, lived in Ookuma town before March 11th earthquake, from China/Interviewed May,2013) Interview page
53 Amy Kawamura(Fukushima city, from the U.S.A./Interviewed May,2013) Interview page
52 Adam Velin(Fukushima city, from Canada/Interviewed May,2013) Interview page
51 Cho Yon Hee(Koriyama city, from Korea/Interviewes March,2013) Interview page
50 Chamila Larunatilake(Aizu-Wakamatsu city, from Sri Lanka/Interviewed February,2013) Interview page
49 Tameria Brent(Iwaki city, from the U.S.A/Interviewed February,2013) Interview page
48 Yu Hao Zhao (Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed in January,2013) Interview page
47 Jayne Nakata(Iwaki city, from the N.Z./Interviewed in January,2013) Interview page
46 Jared Rodgers(Sukagawa city, from the U.S.A./Interviewed in December,2012) Interview page
45 Kazumi Inomata(Aizu-Misato town, from Vietnam/Interviewed in November,2012) Interview page
44 Eri V.V. Kanno(Fukushima city, from Paraguay/Argentina,/Interviewed in October,2012) Interview page
43 Benjamas Sasa(Fukushima city, from Thailand/Interviewed in October,2012) Interview page
42 Scot Aalgaard(from Canada/Interviewed in September,2012) Interview page
41 Roun Socheata(Date city, from Cambodia/Interviewed in September,2012) Interview page
40 Shaheed Sato(Minami Soma City, from Pakistan/Interviewed in September,2012) Interview page
39 Warapon Satou(Date city, from Thailand/Interviewed in August,2012) Interview page
38 Ayako Harada(Fukushima city, from Brazil/Interviewed in July,2012) Interview page
37 Kathryn Goto(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed in July,2012) Interview page
36 Mika Yamamoto(Fukushima city, from Korea/Interviewed in July,2012) Interview page
35 Mark Smithん(Tomioka town, from U.K./Interviewed in June,2012) Interview page
34 Hideko Hattori(Nihonmatsu city, from China/Interviewed in June,2012) Interview page
33 Shu Sho Lian(Fukushima city, from Korea/Interviewed in May,2012) Interview page
32 Renni Hoshi(Fukushima city, from Indonesia/Interviewed in May,2012) Interview page
31 Tran Doan Dung(Fukushima city, from Vietnam/Interviewed in April,2012) Interview page
30 Galal Ahmed(Fukushima city, from Egypt/Interviewed in April,2012) Interview page
29 Cecelia Ishida(Fukushima city, from Brazil/Interviewed in April,2012) Interview page
28 Ai Shirosaka(Sukagawa city, from China/Interviewed in April,2012) Interview page
27 Passada Moriai(Koriyama city, from Thailand/Interviewed in April,2012) Interview page
26 Sean Mahoney(Fukushima city,from Canada/Interviewed in March,2012) Interview page
25 Sumie Sanpei(Namie town, from China/Interviewed in March,2012) Interview page
24 Galal Ahmed(Fukushima city, from Egypt/Interviewed in February,2012) Interview page
23 Lise Nagata(Iwaki city, from Tonga/Interviewed in February,2012) Interview page
22 Ken Lopez(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed in January,2012) Interview page
21 Suh Kyungmi(Iwaki city, from U.S.A./Interviewed in January,2012) Interview page
20 Masami Kanno(Nihonmatsu city, from the Philippines/Interviewed in December,2011) Interview page
19 Zhang Qun(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed in December,2011) Interview page
18 Chinthaka Kumara Wijesinghe(Koriyama city, from Sri Lanka/Interviewed in November,2011) Interview page
17 Zhu Yun Fei(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed in November,2011) Interview page
16 Choi Yuna(Fukushima city, from Korea/Interviewed in October,2011) Interview page
15 Euripa Aparecida Ojima(Fukushima city, from Brazil/Interviewed in October,2011) Interview page
14 Andrew Chapman(Aizuwakamatsu city, from U.S.A./Interviewed in September,2011) Interview page
13 Liliana Takahashi(Soma City, from Mexico/Interviewed in September,2011) Interview page
12 Luiz Gustavo Oliveira(Fukushima city, from Brasil/Interviewed in August,2011) Interview page
11 Gene Lyu(Shinchi town, from the U.S.A./Interviewed in August,2011) Interview page
10 Seo Soo Yeong(Fukushima city, from Korea/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
9 Sanjay Pareek(Koriyama city, from India/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
8 Liu Yan Ting(Fukushima city, from China/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
7 Cecília Ishida(Fukushima city, from Brazil/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
6 Sharma Narender(Fukushima city, from India/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
5 Chloe Wooding(Koriyama city, from U.K./Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
4 Yetti Takahashi(Kawamata town, from Indonesia/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
3 Lű Xue Ru(Tsukidate Town, from China/Interviewed in June,2011) Interview page
2 Kathryn Goto(Fukushima city, from the Philippines/Interviewed in May,2011) Interview page
1 Reiko Tezuka(Fukushima City, from China/Interviewed in April,2011) Interview page
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