Preparing for a Disaster

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Multilingual information will not always be available when a disaster occurs.
It would be useful to familiarize yourself with these disaster-related terms in Japanese.

Japanese Words Romaji Meaning
避難(ひなん) Hinan Evacuation
避難所(ひなんじょ) Hinanjo Evacuation Center
地震(じしん) Jishin Earthquake
余震(よしん) Yoshin Aftershock
避難(ひなん) Hinan Evacuation
津波(つなみ) tsunami tsunami
高台(たかだい) Takadai High ground
台風(たいふう) Taifu Typhoon
洪水(こうずい) Kozui Flood
土砂崩れ(どしゃくずれ) Doshakuzure Landslide
竜巻(たつまき) Tatsumaki Tornado
助けてください(たすけてください) Tasukete kudasai Please help me
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