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What happens when a natural disaster occurs?


Have your residence card (zairyu card) and a copy of your passport with you

Personal identification documents are important. In case you lose the original document, having a copy will help prove your identity.


Carry the SOS card with you

The SOS card can be used to ask for help from people. It says on the card, “I cannot speak Japanese. Please help me.”


Learn disaster-related Japanese words and phrases

Multilingual information will not always be available soon after a disaster has occurred. It is important to learn Japanese words and phrases that can be used during a disaster.


Have an emergency contact list

In order to let people know where you are and that you’re safe, have a list of emergency contacts such as your family members, friends and your country’s embassy.


Decide with your family an emergency meeting place or evacuation shelter

During a disaster, there is a possibility for family members to become separated. It is important to decide beforehand with your family a meeting place or an evacuation shelter to go to.


Check how to receive disaster-related information as well as how to use the disaster message board service

It is important to check beforehand how to receive information and use the service so that in an emergency, it will be a smooth process.


Prepare a survival kit

You should pack all the basics and necessities in a bag, which you can quickly bring with you.

Do what you can to reduce personal risk: Be Prepared with Emergency Rations


Get to know your neighbors and participate in regional disaster drills

During an emergency, neighbors will help each other so it is important to regularly interact with your neighbors and greet them.
Also, you should participate in your region’s disaster drills and check how to get to an evacuation shelter.

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