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1. How to find medical institutions that provide support in foreign languages

(1) Fukushima Medical Information Network (Fukushima Prefecture)

You can search for medical institutions that provide foreign language services in Fukushima Prefecture.

(2) Guide for when you are feeling unwell (Japan National Tourism Organization)

You can search for medical institutions that provide foreign language services throughout the country.
There is information about going to medical institutions as well as about symptoms and treatments.

2. Going to a medical institution

If you catch a cold or get a small injury, you should go to a nearby medical clinic.
If you have a big injury or a serious illness, you should go to the hospital. In this case, you might need to have a reference letter from a doctor.
When you go to a medical institution, you have to provide your health insurance card.
If you are enrolled in a health insurance plan, a portion of the medical fees will be covered.


(1) Common medicine for colds, headaches, etc.

You can buy common medicine at a pharmacy or at a drug store. However, it is not covered by health insurance and so the cost will not be reduced.

(2) Prescription medicine

You will receive a prescription after an examination at a medical institution.
You can purchase medication when you show your prescription at a pharmacy or drug store. In this case, if you are enrolled in health insurance, the cost will be reduced.

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