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Useful Links for Daily Life in Japan

1. Residence Card (Zairyu Card)

(1) Accessing the Immigration Services Agency of Japan

(2) Information Center (In Japanese)

(3) Immigration Services Agency of Japan Website

2. Daily Life in Japan

(1) A Daily Life Support Portal for Foreign Nationals

(2) About Individual Number (Cabinet Office) (Available in 27 languages)

(3) Information on Crimes, Disaster Prevention and Traffic (Fukushima Prefectural Police) (Available in 4 languages)

(4) Access to Fukushima prefecture's driving license center (In Japanese)

(5) Switching a foreign driver’s license to a Japanese license (Fukushima Prefectural Police) (In Japanese)

(6) Foreign Driver’s Licenses and International Driving Permits (Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department)

(8) Safety Guidelines for Cyclists Pamphlet (Metropolitan Policy Department) (In Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and Portuguese)

(9) National Tax Agency Website

(10) Apartment Search Guidebook (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

3. Employment

(1) For Foreign Nationals Wishing to Work in Japan (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (Updated 1 March 2014)

(2) Counseling Services and Hotlines in Foreign Languages (Available in 9 languages)

4. Child care/Education

(1) The Support Guide for Moms and Babies (Researching and Supporting Multi-Cultural Healthcare Services (RASC)) (Available in 12 languages)

(2) Protecting Children from Accidents!! Accident Prevention Handbook (Consumer Affairs Agency) (Available in 3 languages)

(3) Guide for foreign students to start school (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology) (Available in 7 languages)

(4) Fukushima Prefecture: High School Enrollment Guidebook (Japanese Class of Koriyama) (Available in 5 languages)

5. Medical Services

(1) Fukushima Medical Information Network (Fukushima Prefecture)

(2) For Safe Travels in Japan (Japan National Tourism Organization)

(3) Medical Handbook (Ibaraki International Association) (Available in 21 languages)

(4) Multilingual information and materials for foreigners (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare) (In English, Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish)

6. Preparing for a Disaster

(1) Helpful Apps and Websites in the Evend of Disaster

(2) Weather Forecast (Japan Meterological Agency) (Available in 15 languages)

(3) Services for Disaster Preparedness (Available in 20 languages)

(4) Disaster Emergency Message Dial (171) (In English)

(5) Disaster Message Board (WEB171) (In Japanese, English, Korean, Chinese)

(6) "J-anpi" All-Japan Safety Confirmation Portal for Disaster

(7) Safety Information "Google Person Finder" (Available in multiple languages)

(8) Do what you can to reduce personal risk (Shiga Intercultural Association for Globalization) (Available in 7 languages)

(9) Multilingual Disaster Prevention Video "It's an earthquake! What should I do?" (Sendai Tourism, Convention and International Association)

(10) Information to Help When Disaster Prevention and Disaster (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation “TSUNAGARI”)

(11) Important information on countermeasures agaisnt earthquake disasters (Fire and Disaster Management Agency)

(12) Be prepared for earthquakes (Institute of Scientific Approaches for Fire & Disaster)

(13) Disaster Preparedness Guidebook (Fukushima Prefecture)

(14) Preparing for a Disaster: Fukushima Disaster Preparedness Website (Fukushima Prefecture)

7. Revitalization in Fukushima

(1) Fukushima NOW (Fukushima International Association) (Available in 7 languages)

(2) Interview Archive of Foreign Residents (Fukushima International Association) (Available in 7 languages)

(3) Fukushima Revitalization Station (Fukushima Prefectural Government) (Available in 10 languages)

(4) Environmental Remediation Website (Ministry of the Environment)

(6) Let's talk about Radiation & Health (By Kazuko Ohno : Kyoto Medical Collage of Sciences) (In English and Japanese)

(7) Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Nuclear Power Station Accident over Foreign Residents in Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima International Association)

8. Learning Japanese

(1) List of Japanese Classes in Fukushima Prefecture (Fukushima International Association) (Available in 7 languages)

(2) Mag aral ng wikang Hapon e-learning (Fukushima International Association ) (7 mga wika)

(3) Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture (The Japan Foundation)

(4) Japanese in Anime & Manga (The Japan Foundation)

(5) Learn Japanese(NHK WORLD-JAPAN)

(6) JF Japanese e-learning Minato (From The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai)

(7) Web version of “Erin’s challenge! I can speak Japanese.” (The Japan Foundation)

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