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Terms of Use

Link to our website

 If you want to connect your link to the Fukushima International Association website, please contact us beforehand with the content of your website, the address of the website and your contact information. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you would like to put your link on our page, we recommend that you put it on our main page (http://www.worldvillage.org/) as the link might not work on the other pages due to differences in format.
  • If the content of the link is unclear and/or is not recognized as a proper website, it will not be accepted.
  • If it becomes clear that the website involves improper intentions and is against the law or offensive to the public, the FIA will ask you to remove it once it is decided that the website is deemed inappropriate.


 All the articles, photos, graphics, and other data that are used on our website are the property of Fukushima International Association. Therefore, please do not use them without the permission from Fukushima International Association even if it is for private use or as an excerpt.


 Although the FIA has checked the information and believe it to be correct, the FIA does not take any responsibility for anyone who take these information for his/her personal use. Furthermore, if the user accesses the FIA website and faces any damnification or loss, the FIA takes absolutely no responsibility for it. On the FIA website, there are a few links which connect to outside links yet we do not share any personal information with these sites. The FIA takes absolutely no responsibility for any outside links that ask for personal information therefore, before you sign up as a member for these sites, go over the terms of use carefully.


 Please note that the FIA will change the contents of the posts or remove the posts without prior notification.

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