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FIA Measures

Seminar on Radiation and its Effects on Our Health

 In December 2011, the seminar on radiation was conducted four times in the prefecture. The booklet is a combination of the speech itself with the Q&A session.
 ※The seminar was sponsored by CLAIR.

 Seminar on Radiation and its Effects on Our Healthe

Testimonies of 100 Foreign-born Residents

 This book contains the records from the foreign-born residents in Fukushima according to a survey that FIA conducted post the Great East Japan Earthquake.

 Influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Nuclear Power Station Accident over Foreign Residents in Fukushima Prefecture

United We Stand Fukushima

 In May 2011, we introduced the newsletter "United We Stand Fukushima" in hope to show people the current situation in Fukushima Prefecture as well as foreigners who currently reside in Fukushima who have also made great efforts toward the reconstruction process.

 United We Stand Fukushima

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