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Counselling Services for Foreign Residents

日本語/English/中文/Tagalog/Português/한국어/Tiếng viêt /やさしいにほんご

The Fukushima International Association is pleased to offer foreign language (English,Chinese, Korean, Tagalog, Portuguese,Vietnamese) consultation on issues related to living in Japan for non-Japanese residents of Fukushima Prefecture. Should you have anyquestions or concerns regarding day-to-day life here in Fukushima, please feel free to make use of this service!

Confidentiality is guaranteed. Consultation is available both in person at our office and over the telephone. For those requesting face-to-faceconsultation, we suggest that you call the FIA before arriving at our office to ensure that the consultation staff are available.


Our Trio-phone Service 

This system, called the 'Trio-Phone', involves having the non-Japanese party, the person in charge of the procedure or providing the information and an FIA staff member share a 3-way telephone conversation, with the FIA staff acting as interpreter for the other two parties.

The Trio-Phone is intended only for 'procedural' interpretation (school registration, alien registration procedures, health care procedures and the like). We are unable to accept requests for personal interpreting services.

Open Hours

English, Chinese, Japanese
Tuesday to Saturday 9:00~17:15

Korean, Tagalog, Portugese,Vietnamese
Thursday 10:00~14:00(Reservation required for 4th,5th Thursday)


Fukushima International Association

〒960-8103 2-1 Funabacho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
TEL:024-524-1316  FAX:024-521-8308 E-mail:ask@worldvillage.org


 At the FIA, we provide multilingual counselling services for foreign residents living in Japan. We have compiled a list of Q&A regarding our counseling services.

Q. In what languages are the services offered?
A. The counselling services can be done in Japanese, English, Chinese, Tagalog, Portuguese and in Korean.

Q.Are counselling services available at anytime?
A. No, the available days and times are already decided.

  For counselling in English, Chinese, or Japanese: Every Tuesday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:15.
  For counseling in Korean, Tagalog, or Portuguese: Thursdays from 10:00 to 14:00

Q.What kinds of things can be discussed during the counselling?
A. Please give us a call if you have any issues or concerns while living in Japan. Confidentiality is absolutely   guaranteed. 

Q.Can we receive counselling over the phone?
A. Yes, please phone FIA at 024-524-1316. 

Q.Can we directly come in to receive counselling?
A. Yes, please contact the FIA and make an appointment before you come in. 

Q.Is it possible to request interpretation services?
A. Yes, interpretation can be done at the FIA office or using the trio-phone service. However, we do not provide an   escort interpreting service. As a general rule, the content for the interpretation is limited to administrative   services.

Q.Is there a fee in using the counselling or interpreting services?
A. No, the counselling and interpreting services are free. However, you will be liable for the phone bill during the   counseling done by phone.

Q.What is the ‘Trio-Phone’ interpreting service?
A. The ‘Trio-Phone’ interpreting service involves a three-way conversation, compared to a normal conversation   between two people. Between the non-Japanese party and the person providing the Japanese information, the FIA   staff acts as an interpreter for the other two parties.

Q.When can we use the ‘Trio-Phone’ service?
A. The ‘Trio-Phone’ service can be used when dealing with Japanese administrative and public services. Please give   us a call if you need help communicating in Japanese.

Q.How do we use the ‘Trio-Phone’ service?
A. You can use the service just by phoning 024-524-1316 and then let the FIA staff know that you would like to use   the service.

Also, please understand that counselling is different from consultation; therefore, FIA cannot and will not make any decisions on the person’s behalf. We are only here to provide information and make suggestions for the person.

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