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About FIA


  • Name

    Fukushima International Association

  • Founded

    November 1,1988

  • Representative

    Chairperson - Toshio Konno

  • Location & Contact Information

    2-1 Funabacho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
    TEL: 024-524-1315  FAX: 024-521-8308



History of FIA

  • September 1984

    The International Association was first placed in the Project Planning and Coordination Division in Fukushima Prefectural Government as the “Correspondence Research Group Relating to Internationalization” to promote international relations.

  • April 1986

    The International Association was later placed in the Citizens Life Division in Fukushima Prefectural Government as the “International Relations Section” (In April, the “International Relations Section” was upgraded to the “International Relations Chamber”)

  • November 1988

    Fukushima International Association was founded

  • January 23, 1990

    FIA was certified as a regional international association by the Minister of Home Affairs.

  • July 17, 1996

    FIA was certified as the specified public interest incorporated enhancement foundation by the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • September 26, 2011

    FIA was certified as a public interest incorporated foundation by the Governor of Fukushima Prefecture.

  • October 4, 2011

    The former International Association was transformed into the new (public interest incorporated) International Association.

Net Worth 



 Our aim is to promote international understanding and foster strong relationships between the citizens of Fukushima Prefecture and the international community.

Our Vision (2011~2015)

Our Hearts are Connected & Fukushima Welcomes the World!

 As the world becomes more globalized, Fukushima International Association acts as the centre of international exchange in the Prefecture to promote international related activities.
We hope to build a close connection between the Japanese citizens and the foreign residents to broaden international knowledge and turn Fukushima into an international community.

FIA Sponsors

Individual sponsors - 96 persons
Group sponsors - 57 organizations
(Updated April 1, 2017)

About FIA Sponsors (in Japanese)

Staff at FIA

 1 Senior Director, 1 Executive Director along with 8 members of staff (including 1 Coordinator for International Relations and 1 Coordinator for International Cooperation from JICA)(Updated July 1, 2017)

Security for Personal Information

Based on the Information Privacy Statement set by the FIA, we take great care in handling personal information.

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