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About the International Salon


Information Board

掲示板ur information board is available for use by all visitors to our association, regardless personal or group. If you want to promote an event or are looking for language exchange partners, feel free to post on this board. 。

*The messages posted here will be taken off after 2 months.
*The FIA takes no responsibility for postings.

FIA Library

FIArラウブラーYou can read the books and magazines on international relations, Japanese education, or foreign languages at FIA for free! For sponsors of FIA, if you did not finish the book, no problem! You can borrow them and take the book home for 2 weeks!

Books available at FIA
Japanese education, international understanding education, studying abroad, foreign language studying books, communication in various cultures, international cooperation related books, international relations related books. There are more than 1,000 books here at the FIA so come check them out!

Here is a list of the books we have at the FIA (In Japanese)


Travel guides which feature a variety of different countries, a video that introduces Japan (in English), Chinese movies, and movies with English subtitles. There are about 300 DVDs/VHS available.

Newsletters on the international interacting events and activities in Fukushima Prefecture, information on daily life (multi-language), and information on studying abroad are available.

Other items

You can borrow the country flags for various events.
Here is a list of the country flags (In Japanese, PDF file)pdf

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