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Office Hours 

Tuesday to Saturday 8:30am to 5:15pm
We are closed on Sunday, Monday, National Holidays and Beginning/End of the year.


Fukushima International Association
2-1 Funabacho, Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture
TEL:(024)524-1315  FAX:(024)521-8308

●How to get to FIA
By Foot・・・Walk for about 20 minutes from the Fukushima Station (east exit)
By Bus・・・Get off at “Funaba-cho” stop and walk for 2 minutes
By Car ・・・If you are coming from Koriyama using the highway:

1.) Get off at “Fukushima West I.C.” which puts you on route 115.
2.) Head towards route 4
3.) Turn left at the Toyano intersection and head towards the direction of Sendai. Drive for about 2 km.
4.) Make a U-turn when you get to the Kita-machi intersection.

If you are coming from Sendai:
1.) Take route 4 and head towards the direction of Koriyama.
2.) Once you pass the Kita-machi intersection and before the Funaba-cho intersection, you will see our building on your left hand side.

International Salon

国際交流サロン This space is open to anyone who wishes to use it. There is a mini library with more than a hundred books and DVDs that you can borrow for free. If you are looking to make photocopies of books or documents, we have copy machines and laptops which you can use.

About the International Salon

Conference Room

研修室 The conference room can hold up to as many as 50 people. This room is used for anything related to international interaction purposes. For more information, please contact us during our regular business hours.

Counselling Room

相談室 This is available for both the Japanese citizens and the foreign residents who come to our office for counselling purposes. It is a private space and confidentiality is guaranteed.

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