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SOS cards for emergencies

Japanese/にほんご   Easy Chinese/やさしい にほんご   Chinese/中文
Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어

 Fukushima International Association has created a card called "SOS Cards" for foreigners who know little Japanese to use in case of various emergencies such as fire and natural diasters.

 On this card, there are ‘’help me’’ messages related to earthquakes, tsunami, flood et cetera, printed in Japanese, English and Chinese. Moreover, emergency numbers for ambulance and police are printed on the same card on the back.

 You will be able to download it from the homepage of Fukushima International Association. Please print it out and put it into your wallet so you can take it out when emergency arises.
 Of course, you can also ask for it at your own city hall and nearby government offices in your areas.

SOS cards 1

SOS cards 2

SOS cards 3

SOS cards 4


 Please contact Fukushima International Associations if you have any questions in English and Chinese.
 For Korean, Tagalog and Portuguese speakers, please call Fukushima International Associations on the first, second and third Wednesdays in the month from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

 Fukushima International Associations TEL: 024-524-1316

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