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Weather Information

Japanese/にほんご   Easy Japanese/やさしい にほんご   Chinese/中文
Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어

 Japan Meteorological Agency provides information on earthquakes, tsunamis, weather warnings and advisories, typhoons, and other latest weather-related information.
Earthquake information (Information on seismic intensity at each site)
Information will be provided when an earthquake occurs.
Japanese/にほんご  地震情報
English  Earthquake Information
・JMA [Multilingual Earthquake Early Warning]
 Japanese/にほんご   English   Chinese/中文
 Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어
Tsunami information(Information on seismic intensity at each site)
Tsunami warnings and advisories will be provided when issued.
Japanese/にほんご  大津波警報・津波警報・津波注意報
English  Tsunami Warnings/Advisories
Weather warnings and advisories
Information will be provided when there is a possibility of climate related disasters.
Japanese/にほんご  気象警報・注意報
English  Weather Warnings/Advisores
Tropical Cyclone information
Information on current tropical cyclones including intensity and track forecast, etc. is provided.
Japanese/にほんご  台風情報
English  Tropical Cyclone Information
Please go to the website below for other weather information.
Japanese/にほんご  気象庁ホームページ
English  Japan Meteorological Agency Website

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