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Medical institutions that provide English service

 You are able to search for medical clinics in Fukushima prefecture in multiple languages.
 ※All information is dislplayed in Japanese.

Fukushima Medical Information Net(ふくしま医療情報ネット)

[Search method]
1. On the homepage of ふくしま医療情報ネット (Fukushima Medical Information Net) click 病院・診療所・歯科診療所をさがす (Search for a hispital, clinic or dental clinic), then you will see a page displays いろいろな条件でさがす (Search with various conditions).

2. Click 外国語(Foreign languages) to find the language you wish to see, then hit 次へ (Next).

3. You are able to search with conditions such as 病院、診療所、歯科診療所 (Hospitals, clinics and dental clinics), 市町村(city, town and villages) and 診療科目(clinical departments). After you selected the conditions you wish to search with, click 検索 (Search) button. You will see the results following by shortly after.

If you would like to know more information in English or Chinese, please feel free to contact us. Fukushima International Association  TEL:024-524-1316

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