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Disaster-related Japanese terms that might be useful to remember

Japanese/にほんご   Easy Chinese/やさしい にほんご   Chinese/中文
Tagalog/Tagalog   Portuguese/Português   Korean/한국어
 Most of emergency information such as news reports of disasters is available only in Japanese. So, it would be useful to familiarize yourself with these words and phrases.
<Disaster-related Japanese terms that might be useful to remember>
(Japanese reading)
Meaning & Explanation
Terms related to earthquakes
earthquake(Jishin) Great shaking of the ground.
hypocenter(Shingen) The location where the tremor started.
seismic intensity(Shindo) The strength of the tremor felt at each site.

Size of earthquakes (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
aftershock(Yoshin) An earthquake that happens after a major earthquake.
Tsunami(Tsunami) Unusually large sea waves produced by an earthquake.

Preparing for Tsunamis(Japanese(Subtitles in English))/にほんご(えいご じまくあり)
Escape The Tsunami(Japanese(Subtitles in English))/にほんご(えいご じまくあり)
Words related to typhoons (tropical cyclones) and heavy rain
typhoon(Taifu)A violent storm of wind and rain that occurs in summer and fall.
wind velocity(Fusoku) Speed of the wind blowing.
rainstorm(Bofu-u) Very strong rain and wind.

Educational video series: "Protect yourself from disasters"
storm area(Bofu-iki) Area where wind is very strong due to a typhoon.
flood(Kozui) A disaster caused by overflow of rivers due to excessive rainfall or snowmelt.
inundation(Shinsui)A disaster caused by water that leaks into houses, etc.
landslide(Gakekuzure)Downward falling of a mass of soil and rocks from a mountain due to heavy rain or earthquake.
tornado(Tatsumaki)Violent outburst of wind that becomes a whirlwind.

Educational video series: "Protect yourself from disasters"
Various types of warnings
advisory(Chui-ho)Notification to call attention to a possibility that a disaster could occur.
【Danger level: Low】
Warning(Keiho) Notification to give a warning against a possibility that a disaster could occur.
【Danger level: Medium】
special warning(Tokubetsu-keiho)Warning to notify that there is a possibility that the targeted area could be very dangerous due to heavy rain or a large earthquake.
【Danger level: High】

Japanese Government’s Internet Television: video explaining “special warnings”(Japanese/にほんご)
Words related to evacuation
evacuation(Hinan) To flee to a different place to be safe from a disaster.

Evacuation/List of survival kit items/Stockpile list (Council of Local Authorities for International Relations)
evacuation center, shelter(Hinanjo or Hinan-basho) A place to take refuge
Instructions related to evacuation
evacuation preparation notice(Hinan jumbi joho) Notification to suggest that you start preparing for evacuation.
【Danger level: Low】
evacuation advisory(Hinan kankoku) Recommendation to evacuate.
【Danger level: Medium】
evacuation order(Hinan shiji) Instruction or order to evacuate to an evacuation center or a shelter.
【Danger level: High】

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